2023 Online Bar Review Program
Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I access the online lectures and study materials or bar notes?

Learning Delivery Format

Villasis Law Center (VLC) delivers the 2023 Online Bar Review Program via a blended learning modality. Meaning video lectures will be live-streamed via Zoom Cloud App or pre-recorded. All video lectures (subject to lecturer’s conformity) and study materials can be accessed anytime, anywhere, 24/7 via our learning management system (LMS) called- Virtual Law Companion. The conduct of online mock bar examinations will be via ExamSoft and Moodle. One-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions of the BECAM Program will be via an online conferencing platform.

VLC will release a schedule for the live lectures via Zoom and issue advisories for on-demand videos and study materials to be uploaded in the Virtual Law Companion. Advisories will be posted on our exclusive Viber Community, website, LMS, and FB Page.

We trust the new learning delivery system will widen your horizon in your bar review journey and equip you with the best and most valuable strategies to pass and excel in the bar examinations.

Access to Video and Study Materials 

Once payment is made and verified, we can activate your Virtual Law Companion account and send the Zoom access links to your email address.

To access the on-demand videos and study materials, login successfully to the Virtual Law Companion (https://virtuallawcompanion.villasislawcenter.com).

Refer to our schedule to access the live stream lecture via Zoom Cloud App. Please note that to ensure a pleasant webinar experience, we recommend you to:

Download and install the Zoom application beforehand.

Ensure that there is a proper internet connection.

Use a working webinar streaming device.

Lastly, you can access the study materials or bar notes via the Virtual Law Companion. Pre-Bar Notes Library of the Virtual Law Companion houses the Pre-Bar notes. Head over to the respective course pages (e.g., Pre-Week, Special Bar Lectures, Bar Review Methods and Exam Strategies) to access the corresponding on-demand videos and bar notes.


Our lines remain open for all concerns and queries. Message us via our Facebook page or email.

2. What is Virtual Law Companion?

Virtual Law Companion is VLC’s exclusive online bar review platform where you can access various bar review contents and materials in our cloud servers. Anytime, anywhere – 24/7! It is mobile-friendly as it can be accessed through any device including Android, IOS, Cellphone, Tablet, or Desktop.

Likewise, the Progress Bar Meter help you monitor your learning pace.

4.. What are the available discounts?

Here are the discounts applicable to our online bar review plans (not applicable to Pre-Bar Review Only Package and Stand-alone options or add-on services)

20% discount on all Bar Review Plans until January 15, 2023

Repeaters and Refresher Students – Less P1,500.00

Reviewees from Outside Metro Manila – Less P1,000.00

VLC Alumni (Bar Review Program Enrollees) – Less P1,500

Government Employees – Less P1,000

2023 Honor Student Discount (Top 5 of the graduating class) – 50% Discounts

Undergraduates (1st-Year to 4th-Year law students) –P10,000 (Pre-Bar Review Only)

5. How do I enroll?

You may register by doing the following:

1. Accomplish our Registration Form then send it together with your deposit slip at our official email: villasislawcenter@gmail.com; or

2. You may accomplish our e-Registration Form by going to our website.


The deposit payment through any of the following bank accounts:

PNB (preferred): CHRISTIAN G. VILLASIS LAW OFFICE Account #165710042330

BDO: CHRISTIAN G. VILLASIS Account #008860011944

BPI: CHRISTIAN G. VILLASIS Account #0019-1637-09

GCASH: CHRISTIAN VILLASIS Mobile number: 09052685881

6. Can I apply more than one (1) discounts?

No. Whichever discount is higher in amount shall be the only discount applied. There shall be NO MULTIPLE APPLICATION of discounts policy.

Likewise, the application of discounts shall only apply in payment in full. Enrollment by installment prohibits the application of any of the discounts.

7. When does the enrollment end?

Our programs shall continue to accept enrollees until slots are filled. We shall announce in our Facebook page and other social media channels if enrollment is about to close.

9. Is payment by bank transfer allowed?

Yes. Bank Transfer is allowed. Kindly attach the screenshot of your bank transfer in your registration. Please refer to FAQ no. 5 for further details.

10. Can you issue refunds?

No. Per management’s policy, we shall not provide for any refund in any case. However, for other meritorious case (e.g. over payment, etc.) you may send us an email which includes the following:

i. Letter explaining your circumstances and remedy hoped to be achieved to Associate Dean Christian G. Villasis

ii. Proof of Enrollments; and

iii. Other attachments, as applicable

The same will be acted upon as soon as practicable. Kindly wait for the management’s response.

11. Already enrolled but realized I want a different package. Can I change my enrolled packaged?

Yes. You can upgrade your current package to your desired package by paying difference between the former and the latter.

In such case, please inform us through email or messenger so we can process your request accordingly.

12. Can the videos be downloaded?

No, the videos cannot be downloaded. We have restricted the sharing thereof. However, you may access them 24/7 anytime and anywhere.

13. Does the online package come with bar notes?

Yes, review materials are likewise included in our online packages. They can be accessed in Virtual Law Companion’s Bar Notes Bank or the corresponding course page, it may also be sent to the personal email address you will provide us, subject to the conformity of the respective lecturers.

14. Until when can I access the video lecture and notes?

You may access the content in our learning management system as long as you are enrolled in our programs.

This means that as long as one of the inclusions in our review packages will allow you to access our site at a certain date, so long as such date had yet to come pass, you may still access the same.

15. When will the 2023 Online Bar Review start?

Our online review’s starting date are as follows:

Pre-BAR Review (April 15, 2023 until September 2023 (last day of the Bar Exams)

Who can enroll in the online bar review?

BAR candidates, law students, undergraduates, and anyone who wants to improve their knowledge of the law are most welcome subscribe to our Virtual Law Companion.

Members of the Judiciary, Prosecutors, Government lawyers and legal practitioners can likewise join the program.

16. What is your official office hours?

Our office opens from 8AM to 5PM, Mondays to Fridays, unless it falls on a holiday. Should we not report for work on a non-holiday date, we shall make prior notice through our Facebook page.

Regardless, we can address your concerns by sending us a message in our official Facebook page or email address: villasislawcenter@gmail.com

17. Do you accept Per-Subject enrollment?

At present, we do not offer any per-subject enrollment. We shall inform you the soonest we start to offer per-subject enrollment in our programs.

In the meantime, please regularly check our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Viber for other quick updates.

18. Do you issue certificate of attendance for Bar Refreshers as part of the requirements in applying for the Bar Examinations?

Yes. VLC has partnered with the University of Cordilleras (UC) in Baguio City and the University of San Carlos (USC) in Cebu City, in issuing the requisite certificate of attendance for bar refreshers. UC and USC are accredited Law Schools by the Legal Education Board to offer refresher and pre-bar review courses.

19. What are your official social media accounts?

You can follow our official social media accounts for quick updates on VLC’s programs!







VLC Viber Community:


20. Can you tell us more about the BAR exam coach, advisor, and Mentor (B.E.C.A.M) Program?

The BECAM Program evaluates the bar examinees’ strong points and challenges in test-taking based on their performance in the Mock Bar Examinations. Particularly, Coaches are expected to critique the examinees’ ability to express themselves in the English language, guide them in the observance of proper sentence construction and form, and offer suggestions on what materials are most helpful to them.


Aside from these, Coaches will also share their own experience relative to their preparations and study habits before and during the Bar. Most importantly, BECAM Program will provide an avenue for moral support and guidance to the examinees.

In compliance with government health protocols and to ensure the safety of examinees, coaches, and staff, the live coaching sessions shall be conducted via an online conferencing platform. Relative to it, please check out the Guidelines and Reminders to address some frequently asked questions including the schedule of coaching sessions.

21. I have other concerns not covered in this FAQ, how can I contact you?

For matters or concerns not covered by this issuance, you may reach us via the following mobile numbers for any assistance: Mobile Nos: (02) 8241-4830 / 0949 343 6092 (JCB) / 0915 158 2755 (MRS) / 0991 8021 057 (MRA) or send us an email at villasislawcenter@gmail.com. 

Thank you, and Together, WE can! #Bar2023

Note: Updated as of December 28, 2023. If needs arise, this FAQ will be updated or revised without prior notice.